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I've been held back by many and encouraged by few. I've fallen many times and slowly, I've gotten up. I've learned to trust no one but myself. I know what I want, but I'm figuring out how to get there. I have big dreams and I will achieve them.

Jul 24


Callie Jacob & Jude Adams Foster

You can’t shut us out.

"You have to be part of the Toronto Maple Leafs to understand the importance of the team to the city of Toronto. It took a little while to learn that, and to understand the pressure as a Toronto Maple Leafs player and coach to live with that. The whole city breathes and lives Toronto Maple Leafs. The longer you’re there, you appreciate it more. You understand you’re part of something bigger than trying to [just] be a player." — Mats Sundin

Brandon & Callie - Season 1B


HEALTHY PIZZA! Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza Base.


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This is true art right here.

Humans are great

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  • Zoe: *starts singing in the middle of class
  • Me: We interrupt this episode of Degrassi to bring you Glee

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